Shades of summer


While we were making dinner on Sunday evening, and our backs were turned, the seasons decided amongst themselves that it was time to do a WWE-style, tag-team manoeuvre and now it’s autumn. I’m not surprised. Every year it gets a little chillier and rains on my birthday. This didn’t matter too much when I was a little girl – swimming parties work just as we’ll in the rain as out when you’re seven years old. But now that I’m a little older and my swimming parties have become drinks or lunches with friends out in the great wide open, it’s a whole different kettle of wet fish. Anyway, back to the old season switcheroo.

welliesSo there we were enjoying the last of the summer sun when that came to a dramatic end and in stomped a moody autumn with her pink Dora the Explorer wellies and her purple polka-dot umbrella, ready for some rain and mud. But it’s not all bad. While summer is amazing and we all like a little wine time around a braai or by the pool, autumn and winter also offer their own little treats to be savoured.

Autumn is the time to unpack those forgotten winter clothes (bought on sale at the end of winter last year and never worn) and start packing away the swimming costumes and sundresses, only to haul them out again in a few days because summer has decided to make a final reappearance. Autumn is also the time we start thinking of those delicious, warming and comforting winter dishes Mom used to make. And because autumn in most parts of South Africa is approximately 18 minutes long, that’s all there’s really time to think about. So let’s move on to winter.

Winter’s the time for boots and tights and snugly jerseys and, if Pinterest is anything to go by, a time for long chunky socks that stick out the top of your boots (it looks much more awesome than it sounds, promise). It’s also the time for leg warmers (I know! How 80s, but this time around we’ll wear only one pair at a time instead of mixing andbundled up matching lumo yellow and neon pink) and gorgeous scarves. Caryn, our fashion ed, has been hard at work looking for the most fab winter trends and, in April’s issue, she gives you stacks of style for under R300 and all the latest accessory trends. And we feature the results of the Top of the Shops Awards that you voted for.

And that’s just the clothes! There’s also the delicious winter food hot chocolatewe can look forward to tucking into and sharing with friends over a couple of bottles of glühwein. Nothing warms the cockles of your heart more quickly than a piping-hot pot of scrumptious mixed mushroom soup  or, try a delectable spicy casserole and finish your meal off with tangy lemon pudding

So as we wave a sad, and perhaps slightly tearful, goodbye to summer as we remember those blissful, carefree days in the sun, don’t get too down in the mouth. Winter can be a time you look forward to if you know how to make the most of it. And that’s exactly what we’re here for: to help you enjoy this new, fabulous time of the year.

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