Shopping savvy

Shopping bag

I love to shop. Well, actually, I detest shopping. What I love is getting stuff. It doesn’t even matter what stuff I get – I just love stuff. I like the gentle rustle of the plastic bag as I lift it carefully from the boot of my car, or the warm comforting crackle of a paper bag as I slide my hand in and feel around for the new and exciting buy inside. I like scarves, colourful pantyhose, pretty coffee mugs, sparkly bracelets, handbags (I’m obsessed with handbags), make-up, beautiful shoes, table runners, toys for my baby… anything. I love getting anything. I just don’t necessarily want to be the one who has to go out and get it for myself. For me, the act of shopping is merely a means to an end. I’m just not that into crowded shops and I certainly will not go to a fist-fighting, hair-pulling, shin-kicking sale in order to buy a pair of panties that are too small for me.

online shoppingSo I’ve found a way to shop where I can get stuff without having to venture into any overcrowded shops: online shopping has become my new favourite sport. I discovered the joys of shopping at my desk towards the end of last year. And I used my newly-discovered favourite past-time as a way to buy Christmas presents. I managed to buy almost all of my baby’s presents online; gifts for my husband and mom; and of course a few sneaky treats for myself!

It got to the point where I felt compelled to buy at least
one thing credit cardevery day – it became an  obsession! But I managed to stop cold turkey after Christmas… only to replace it with REAL LIFE shopping. And I call it ‘real life’ shopping because my online shopping was fuelled by the fact that it wasn’t like it was real shopping where actual money was being spent. I reasoned that if I wasn’t handing over cash (I was using my debit and credit cards) and if I didn’t get anything in return immediately (deliveries take a few days to arrive) then it wasn’t like I was actually spending money. It was more like Pinterest. My Mister, however, disagreed with my reasoning.

shop window

So now I like to go shopping with friends from the office. And we’re our bank accounts’ worst enemies when we’re together! We egg one another on to buy absolutely everything our little hearts desire. A typical conversation around a potential purchase might go like this:

Kirsty: Ooooh! I be needing this dress!

Simone: It’s beautiful – it’s so you. Get it!

Kirsty: Ok.

Not an extensive conversation, I’ll grant you that, and certainly not much persuading is necessary. But we do encourage one another.

And then there’s Taryn:

Taryn: (trying on jacket sourced by fashion editor, Caryn) This is so pretty! Maybe I should buy it.

Simone and Kirsty: It’s soooo you – you look stunning! Buy it!

Taryn: Ok.

Again, not much convincing is required. That’s why we’re one another’s worst enemies here in the office. And this really is the wrong industry to be working in when you have getting stuff as a hobby because we’re constantly being sent samples, emails and items to feature so we can’t get away from them. And it’s so much easier just to buy them than not buy them.


If you have a little bit of a shopping hobby yourself, then have a look at our website at and click on the Shopping Guide tab. Also have a look at the Fashion & Beauty tab to see what’s new. And finally, in the May issue of Essentials, read page 35 ‘Are you a stealth spender like me?’ and commiserate with someone who knows exactly how you feel.

3 thoughts on “Shopping savvy

  1. Kirsten Davids

    Guilty, that’s me, Simone and I need a MUCH bigger bank account and more hiding space in our homes. It’s fun and we are really good at it.

  2. Vanessa

    I try to curb my spending by not buying anything made in China. There’s not much left to choose from! Sorry, that was a bit of a Debbie Downer comment!


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