Mamma mia


I was sitting on the floor of my bedroom playing with my 10-month-old precious Holly when I heard myself saying to her, ‘Oof. Oof. Do you want to lick the camel?’ Now this isn’t as strange as it might initially sound. Let me break it down for you into regular English words: Holly’s first word is ‘Oof’. What she’s trying to say is actually, ‘Woof’, because she loves the dogs and thinks it’s just fabulous when they bark. And the camel reference means just that: I have a scarf with camels on it and Holly pulled my scarf off its hook and stuck her tongue out in their direction. I had an out-of-yourself, imagine-you’re-watching-a-movie moment, and I thought, ‘I wonder how many strange things moms find themselves saying and doing evry single day?’. So I thought, for Mother’s Day, and as a tribute to all mothers, I’d compile a list.

toilet paper 2

You’re a mom when:

  • You’ve uttered the words: ‘Don’t eat the toilet paper, my angel.’
  • You’ve gone out with baby food in your hair, on your forehead or down your back and thought, that’s ok.
  • Entertaining a baby or toddler has become the norm while you use the toilet, have a bath or pluck your eyebrows.
  • A little bit of wee on the onesie won’t hurt anybody as long as it’s untucked and not flush against the skin. It’ll dry.
  • Hearing other people’s little ones laughing or playing makes you want to rush home to hug and smooch your own baba.
  • Waking up with tiny feet in your face, hands up your nose and no blanket is a normal morning.
  • Sitting on the kitchen floor to have a conversation while your husband feeds the baby is the done thing.
  • Going to bed at 8pm on a Friday night is awesome!
  • Repeatedly shouting, ‘Ahhhchooo! Ahhhchooo!’ is not a sign of impending craziness but rather an attempt to elicit a laugh.
  • You’ve been humming the theme tune to the smurfs for so long now that all your friends find themselves doing it too.

MomAnd you’re most definitely a mom when you struggle to articulate how you feel about your child, because you’ve never felt that way before, but ‘obsessed’ comes quite close. You’ve also probably said something along the lines of: ‘I love you so much my heart gets physically sore when I look at you.’ I think blogger, Claire Bidwell Smith sums this unique mother-child-mother relationship up perfectly when she says, “I often find myself breathless with the realisation of just how much my mother loved me.”

And there’s a corollary to this madness too. You know you have a mom when you’ve heard the following (and recently, not just when you were little):

  • Pull in your stomach, my girl.
  • Do you want to borrow my hairbrush before we leave?
  • Shoulders back, boobs out.
  • I know you probably know this but you must sterilise the baby’s bottles, hey?
  • I know it’s 27°C outside but I really think you must put a vest on the baby.
  • I’m not sure if I like those shoes you’re wearing.
  • If your Mister is being mean to you, you probably said something to upset him. You mustn’t fight with him, you know – you’re very lucky to have him.

Or when you look at your mom and think about all the little things she’s ever done for you, how she made you better when you were sad, how she stuck up for you when you were in trouble, how she was the most beautiful woman in the world when you were little. How she’s still the most amazing woman in the world now. And how she makes you want to be the very best mom in the world too.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there. You’re incredible, amazing people and your children love you more than they can say. Even if we don’t say it often enough, our hearts are popping with our love for you. If you’re looking for some inspiration to buy an amazing gift for your mom have a look at our online shopping guide: and if you’re stuck for a way to celebrate Mother’s Day, read our review on Piza e Vino and Africology Spa:[IGcms_nodes][IGcms_nodesUID]=634521759ea2465986533be0e31e523a.


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