A nobleman’s daughter

While awake the other morning at 3:00am with my almost-one-year-old I was thinking that sometimes I feel like I was born at the wrong time. I’m sure my mother will agree – no one thinks midnight is a great time to be roused from bed by a massive pain in the abdomen that makes one think one is being ripped in two. But that isn’t quite what I mean. I feel like I was born into the wrong age, or era if you like.



The problem is I was born in 1980 so I didn’t even really get to appreciate the melted-Cheddar-cheese-on-toast that was the ‘80s, like those who were born in the late ‘60s or early ‘70s did. I was too young to fully experiment with the very big permed hair and ultra-lumo eyeshadow. Nor did I get to wear neon yellow and green nail polish on my fingers and toes. So I really do feel like my enjoyment of my birth decade was incomplete. Yes, I do realise that the eighties are back in a big way and I could go to Dis-Chem and buy myself some Day-Glo nail polish, but it’s not the same and I really don’t want to, owing to it being ugly.

Gatsby-inspired shopping: http://bit.ly/18HkphC

Gatsby-inspired shopping: http://bit.ly/18HkphC

The decade that resonates most with me is The Roaring Twenties. And, while I do believe I would have made a spectacular flapper with my pin curls, pleats and gathers, the twenties theme has been well and truly murdered in a spectacular way by the release of The Great Gatsby. So I’m over it (but if you’re not, click on the pic above to check out some Gatsby-inspired buys!).

From Essentials magazine SA on Pinterest

From Essentials magazine SA on Pinterest

My second favourite era would have to be Victorian England. I would, of course, have been born into a noble family, and would not have had anything to do with the hoi polloi and grunginess that more often than not characterised large cities. I would have adorned myself with enormous feather and flower-laden hats, and ankle-brushing skirts. And I would have carried a pretty floral parasol so as not to let my delicate skin burn in the heat of the sun. My family would have thrown me a Debutantes’ Ball after which I would have been courted by a seemly number of young gentlemen who had very good prospects and who came from equally impressive backgrounds.

The Gadget Expert - July Essentials mag

The Gadget Expert – July Essentials mag

While living the life of a nobleman’s daughter in times gone by may sound fabulous and lazy, it also means I wouldn’t have had all my beloved technology at my disposal: no Samsung Galaxy 4, no iPad, no computer on which to write, no magazine at which to work and no internet on which to research fashion trends of Victorian England. Have a look at the July issue of Essentials magazine for Taryns techno tips and Caryn’s fashion finds. They’ll certainly have you appreciating the time in which you live.

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