Stop the bus!

putco+bus+crash+xgoldThe wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round… and then they fall off. And yes, while I am a mother and I do find myself singing nursery rhymes to myself in the shower, that’s not what this post is about. Well, not entirely. What it is about is how the wheels did in fact fall off. And then the whole bus fell over.

16_09_13I’m sitting in my newly moved into back garden watching my amazing, bright and curious little girl stomping around barking at the dogs and eating leaves. I’m almost overwhelmed with emotion as I think how lucky I am to have this incredible little person in my life, a loving supportive husband, and a job that mostly doesn’t feel like one at all. And then I think how maybe trying to be prefect for all of them is the cause of the wheels falling off the bus. Let me explain.

We’ve finally moved into our new, dream house. Just 10 days ago. But it’s been a supremely long wait and this time I’m not exaggerating. It’s been FIVE long months of roller-coaster emotions. And I think that’s been the start of the all-fall-down that culminated in a visit to the emergency room. I think the continued stress was too much.

what the new building might look like...

What the new building might look like… from

Add to that the changes taking place at work: our building is undergoing extensive renovations, so there’s been quite a bit of upheaval there too. Although we know we’re going to have some amazing offices at the end of it all, it’s still been tough.

And, then finally, there’s been the online course I’ve been doing that takes up every ‘spare’ (insert ironic laughter here) minute I have.

So basically my body said, ‘Ok Lady, enough’s enough. We’re putting you in a time out.’ And I got bronchitis. So, I stayed in bed for three days resting, reading, sleeping, coughing and hiding from my baba who couldn’t understand why Mommy was home and wouldn’t play with her. I kept hearing her little feet patter up the passage and her tapping softly on my bedroom door as she gently implored, ‘Dada?’ She calls everyone Dada.

AccidentEmergencyN_2276103bBut, on day three of my internment, I decided I had too much work to do to carry on with this sickness malarkey and decided to work in bed.  And that’s where the headache from hell (that wouldn’t respond to non-industrial painkillers) was rooted and ended up with me in the emergency room at 3am  trying to explain to the doctor that I don’t have seizures, I had a Caesar. Not really relevant to the current situation. But when you have a migraine you’re not exactly thinking clearly.

So in the end, my body won. If I wasn’t going to listen to the subtle hints it was putting out there, it would and did take me down to funky town like a rodeo clown.

Rodeo 3.5.2011

From the

If you’re feeling like you’re hanging by your very last nerve and your body is hinting subtly that you need to calm down and smell the burning feathers, then you should listen. The October issue of Essentials is out on Monday, and Tuesday is Braai Day or Heritage Day, either way it’s a public holiday. So, grab a copy of this issue (we think it’s amazing), pour an icy glass of wine, find a comfy chair and take some time for yourself. Before your wheels fall off.


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