Monthly Archives: March 2014

My girl, my girl

I recently had a glimpse into my future and it was neither disturbing nor was anxiety provoking. Rather it made me think, ‘Huh. So that’s what it’ll be like. Alright then.’ Perhaps I should explain.

I was invited to the launch of Clover’s Little Big Cook Off competition and was told I could take a child with me as the TV show will feature parent and child teams cooking against one another to win amazing prizes worth a million rand! So I asked my sister in law if my nieces would be interested in coming with me, and that’s where my sneak peek into my future began.

I arranged to collect the girls from school and, as I sat waiting outside the primary school, I saw just how tiny the grade 1s are. Their lunch boxes are almost bigger than they are, never mind the enormous suitcases they lug around with them! And as I sat there I thought to myself that Holly will be starting school before I know it, and she’s so tiny. She can’t possibly be sent off to school by herself with her massive school bag and oversized lunchbox! And I decided then and there that I would never ever let her go to school alone. I will be going with her to school, attending all her classes alongside her and just generally following her around.

My mind made up, I collected Riley, the youngest niece and off I drove to collet Erin from high school. Now I know what high schools are like. I used to go to one and even more recently, I used to work at one. They’re tough places. And there are lots of people there. I couldn’t possibly let Holly fend for herself in the wild like that. Yet another reason for me to keep her close.

Today Holly cried because I wouldn’t let her run around with a gardening fork. And this incident made two points very clear to me:
* I hate to see Holly upset. It breaks my heart. And yet, I know it’s necessary for her to learn to cope in a world that doesn’t always go the way we plan.
* While the world is a dangerous place, so too is the home. I can protect Holly to the best of my abilities but I won’t always be able to prevent Holly from falling over her own feet or tripping over a cushion.


So, while I would like to keep my gorgeous baby with me all the time, and never have to see her upset or disappointed, I know that’s not possible. The best I can do for my angel is prepare her for the world, because I definitely can’t stop the world from being unsafe. I can put away the gardening implements though.