Monthly Archives: May 2014

Mama mia

A couple of weekends ago it was Mother’s Day and my Mister and I hosted both the moms and the Joburg siblings for lunch – so a lot of family, in other words. It involved quite a bit of planning as there were 13 of us altogether. I planned the day far in advance so everything would be perfect. On top of this we ran a big a Mother’s Day campaign at work so I really have has Mother’s Day on my mind.


I decided I’d like to do something special for my toddler, Holly. Something that would strengthen the bond between us even further when she’s a bit older. Something that would hopefully give her some inkling of an idea of how very much she means to us and how very much I love her. I started a journal for her.


I’ve begun writing about my days for her. Short entries about what I do and how we spend time together and how much time I spend thinking and talking about her. Hopefully it will be something special to her one day. Maybe, if she has children of her own, she’ll do the same thing for them one day. This may even become a family tradition one day!

I don’t think children ever realise how much their parents love them until they have children of their own. And I don’t think a person knows how much love they’re capable of until they have a child. I didn’t understand my capacity for love until Holly was born, and still now almost two years later, I’m blown away by how much I love her.


Today my gorgeous toddler had professional photos taken and she’s even more beautiful than she was this morning when I left her to go to work. How is that possible?