Monthly Archives: December 2017

Six weeks to go!

6 weeks until we leave. I’m simultaneously thrilled and petrified. We have so much to do still to prepare! Stuff to sell and give away, things to buy, people to see …

Our passports currently living in a safe with our visas to the US, UK and Canada

In preparation for our leaving we’ve been selling the contents of our house. In the beginning this was difficult because everything is a part of our story, our 20-year, two-child journey together to this point in our lives. We had to emotionally disconnect before we could get rid of things. Now, though, we’re throwing things at the highest bidder! Discounts given to the person who can collect soonest. Here – have a free pile of books!

Dining room table gone, couch gone, rugs gone, nice curtains gone

I’ve met some interesting people during this process. We chat first on social media then we move our relationship forward and connect on WhatsApp. We organise a time for collection. It’s like a strange kind of date where pleasantries are exchanged for goods. When people hear that we’re emigrating we get all kinds of responses: encouragement, envy, justification why they aren’t leaving, political ramblings, and anger at the state of the nation. We always steer the conversation away from the negativity and emphasise that we’re leaving for a new adventure. It’s true. We want our move to be about what’s positive, exciting, new and full of opportunity. We don’t want to leave South Africa under a pall of negativity and shrouded in resentment.

Part of the preparation for the move has been figuring out what type of accommodation we’ll need and for how long. We’ve literally spent weeks slogging through Air B and B listings,, and random Google searches looking for a comfortable home for the first part of our stay. We need a place for 10 days while we’re looking for more permanent accommodation. But when you’re traveling with two shrinkies in the depths of winter there is much to consider! After hours of searching, clouds of sighs, and countless keyboard-inflicted blisters, we found our Air B and B match! We will no longer be homeless when we arrive in Canada. You’re welcome kids.

With flights and accommodation organised, at least for the first 10 days, we can turn our divided attention to our leaving date: 12 January. But before we can climb into the plane and settle in for the first season of our new lives, we need to clear out this damn house and buy ourselves some warm clothes! Leggings and a tunic just won’t cut it in -40c. ¬†Anyone need salad bowls?

The piles of boxes we’re collecting to get rid of stuff and some lonely Tupperware containers a ‘time waster’ left behind