Monthly Archives: May 2018

A parade, a fair and a giant teacup

It’s always good to have a specific goal when you want to do something. It’s even better if you can visualize what you want to achieve. When Roger and I made the decision to move to Canada it was a completely intangible goal. We’d never been to Canada; it was just a concept. So we created some visual goals for ourselves.

I’ve made it sound far more deliberate than it actually was. To be sure, Roger and I very rarely sit down and plan and visualize anything – except maybe supper. Or cake. And beer. But I digress. We are horrible planners. And even worse doers. It’s an absolute miracle that we managed to transfer our entire lives from one continent to another. I’m still not quite sure how we managed. What we did do a lot of was talking about Canada and imagining what it would be like. We also spoke a great deal about what we were looking forward to.

One of the things we were looking forward to the most when we got to Canada was that feeling of community. Yesterday, as I sat working at my desk, I happened to look up out of the window as Roger mowed the lawn in front of our house. Our neighbors were outside chatting to him and their children were playing with our children. To be fair they might have seemed rude had they stayed inside, since Roger was cutting their grass too. Our neighbor to the other side was sweeping our adjoining patios and joining the conversation. It was lovely. Such a small thing, but it it was the affirmation of an achievement.

The second visual goal was something Roger and I had been
speaking about for years. Before we even decided to leave South Africa. It was something that represented the lifestyle we wanted: a family oriented, safe lifestyle. Today we got to Experience that. A parade! Our very first parade in our new country. And it didn’t disappoint. There were bagpipers, firemen, old men dancing, fancy cars, and people lining the streets waving Canadian flags. The kids loved it, so we loved it even more! It was a promise fulfilled.

There are so many more of these events that we’ve spoken about and are looking forward to. People may take them for granted; they may not even notice them anymore. But for the Bloom family, they’re the realization of a dream.