Scary Dog and The Snowman: A tail of Canadian acceptance

He joined our family on an autumn afternoon. Skinny, bony and with deep sad looking eyes that were older than his years. How long had this doggo sat waiting in the shop window for his new family? It must have felt like forever. It certainly looked like he’d been there forever. I closely inspected each hound, looking for signs of weakness and imperfections. I didnt want a doggo that was going to fall apart a few minutes after he got home! There weren’t many left to choose from. He must have been the runt of the litter. Well, everyone deserves a chance. Even a scrawny, bony little puppet with big black eyes.

Eli took one look at Scary Dog and fell in love instantly! Every child needs a dog to love and Eli had found his. They are inseparable! Eli carries Scary Dog everywhere. He even joined us on a night away at a hotel on Thanksgiving weekend. He had a blast on the beach (when he’d dealt with the business of the stones) and enjoyed the car ride. What dog wouldn’t, though? Fortunately we don’t have to worry about him getting car sick.

Scary Dog has become an integral member of our family and a real hoot on our family adventures. He often joins us when we go hiking on the trails in conservation areas. He prefers to be carried as he finds the walk too much for his bony little legs. But we don’t mind humouring him!

Recently Scary Dog, somewhat reluctantly, acquired a new friend, The Snowman. Unlike Scary Dog, The Snowman is just a Christmas decoration. Despite his lack of animation, Eli finds this whimsical inflatable little man a real treat and he spends a great portion of his afternoons and evenings clinging tightly to the green gloved inflatable hand. Fortunately, we’ve not yet been asked to have The Snowman accompany us on our outings. That would just be weird!

Some might be concerned about their children’s obsessions deep interest in holiday decorations. And their fabulously imaginative naming of said decorations (Eli has an ongoing obsession with pumpkins. So, when the Halloween decorations were taken in, he replaced that interest with Christmas balls, now and forever to be called Christmas Pumpkins). But, Roger and I being the laid back and open minded folks that we are, are pleased our children have no prejudices and are making friends. We encourage them to be accepting of all people, and animals. It’s the Canadian way.

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