Monthly Archives: May 2019

A moment of reflection

I have the house to myself for a few moments before the chaos and madness and noise of the weekend begins. As I sat scrolling through my photos on Instagram, I was hit with a moment of, I dont know, reflection? Can one be hit by a reflective moment? Well, I wasnt expecting it.

Today, Roger and I are going to Canada’s Wonderland (a huge amusement park nearby our house) with our media passes from I am so honoured and privileged that I have been given the opportunity to write about my experiences and the things I enjoy, and have my writing published in a public forum. It got me thinking. These are the things I am so grateful for:

👉🏻 We have the opportunity to explore a new country and enjoy a new life in Canada

👉🏻 We have made some wonderful friends here, and will hopefully still be making more

👉🏻 The beautiful house we live in, that has everything we need to live comfortably

👉🏻 My new job, working for a company with values that I could have written myself, and for the lovely people I’m meeting through work

👉🏻 My incredibly patient and kind and loving husband who, through the roughest of rough times, has supported me and carried me and told me it will be ok

👉🏻 My beautiful and forgiving and trusting children who are experiencing a life that I dreamed they would have

👉🏻 The opportunities we have here to explore this beautiful province, in safety

👉🏻 A stable provincial government that, for some of the time, looks like it might be doing something … erm … For a stable federal government that for the most part seems to know what’s cooking. Not quite so sure what our premier is doing though

👉🏻 For the police who are mostly good, kind and honest people whom the public can trust and rely on for help and protection

👉🏻 An infrastructure that affords us such privileges as cleaned and washed streets, electricity, water, and public servants who respond to complaints

👉🏻 That I have a body that is strong and capable and is getting stronger and fitter every day

👉🏻 The open spaces, trails, forests, and rivers that are safe for me to walk through and beside

👉🏻 Beautiful big skies that show off the colours of sunrise and sunset like it’s nobody’s business

I am so incredibly grateful for what we have and get to experience every damn day.