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We don’t need no education



I was watching a programme on the cooking channel the other day and it was about a woman who’d become a chef quite late in life. But she’d worked hard and pursued her dream job and finally she’d reached her goal. And so it got me thinking about the people I know and the jobs they do, and the jobs I’ve done, and the job I now do.



When I was small I used to spend a great deal of my time lining my dolls up and teaching them the rudiments of the English language and the multiplication table. You see, I dreamed of becoming a teacher. And, fortunately after having travelled down a number of different educational and career paths, I finally found myself where I’d always dreamed of being: in front of a classroom full of students. But, that turned out not do be the dream I thought it was… And soon, I ventured down a different track.

Everybody has a dream job, something they believe will make them truly happy, something that they believe they’re meant to be doing with their lives. Even though I knew what the answer would be, I asked my Mister what his dream job is. He wants to be a dog walker and a television tester. My Mister loves dogs. All dogs, even the ugly ones. When he was little he used to walk around his neighbourhood giving the dogs names and talking to them. And I believe the TV tester thing is self-explanatory.



I asked my brother and sister-in-law the same question. My brother wants to be a farmer. And for some reason that makes me think of a story he once told us. His wife’s family is friends with a man who owns a game farm. This man, whose game farm is in a very isolated area, sometimes doesn’t get dressed. And I don’t mean he stays in his pyjamas. On some days he pulls on his socks and shoes, smears on the sunscreen and out he goes. Naked. I can imagine my brother doing this.



My sister-in-law Bianca wants to open a deli or a bistro. She’d like to grow her own food that she’ll serve at her deli. They’ve just moved to a small town on the coast and the only deli-type restaurant that was there burned down a couple of months ago. I’m sure she had nothing to do with it, but it does put her in an excellent position to open her own bistro.

We spoke to four readers who’ve also managed to turn their dreams into their dream jobs. And now, as the saying goes, because they love what they do they never have to work a day in their lives. To read about how they started living their dreams, get a copy of the October issue of Essentials and read all about it. And, if you’re doing your dream job, send a mail to essentials@caxton.co.za and tell us about us – we’d love to hear.


Bats, bees, babies in trees

I love my job. I’m very happy with my work and find what I do fulfilling and stimulating, and I’m lucky enough to love the people I work with. I just needed to make this all clear before I begin just so we’re all on the same page, ok?

As a teacher, "working outside".

As a teacher, “working outside”.

I’ve always wanted to work outside. I’ve had a few jobs and none of them have involved working outside at all. The only one that came close was when I was a teacher and I took every opportunity I could to teach my classes outside, or I used to spend break outside. There’s something about being outside that makes what you’re doing not feel like work. Even now when I pop out at lunch to go to a shop or if I leave the office to go to a launch, being outside makes e feel like I’m actually on leave. So what would be better than having a job where you constantly feel like you’re not at work?

I’ve put together a little list of jobs I could potentially do if I were to leave my current one (just to be clear: I’m NOT planning on going anywhere and I’m VERY happy here, ok?):


  • Owl keeper – I’d like to look after owls. I think they’re very pretty and majestic and mysterious all at the same time. I can picture myself wearing a cape and carrying a wand and looking after Snowy Owls, making sure they’re fed and safe. I admit that my picture is ever so slightly influenced by a Harry Potter book I once read, but never-the-less…


  • Bat keeper – While we’re on the subject of looking after animals, I think I might also like to try my hand at looking after bats. I think they’re very cute and remind me of flying puppies. I’d like to get a whole row of bat boxes in trees in my garden so lots of bats could move in. I do realise it probably wouldn’t be feasible for me to keep owls and bats together – one of the species wouldn’t fare too well.


  • Bee keeper – I do not think bees are cute or that they look like flying mammals of any kind. I do however like the romantic image of a lady bee keeper kitted out in her bee-keeping suit and mesh pith helmet and collecting her own honey. It’s very Victorian. Except I wouldn’t wear an ankle-length dress.


  • Professional pinner – Admittedly this one is a stretch of even my imagination, but since this list is make believe, let me have my fun. I would like to be paid to sit in the garden, preferably next to a swimming pool, and ‘work’ on Pinterest. I want someone to pay me to look at pretty pictures and organise them onto virtual pin boards.
  • Tree planter – I love trees. They’re beautiful and represent something mystical. And I’ve always loved climbing them. So I bought the most amazing present for my baby: a tree in a bag from http://www.growatree.co.za/! Grow a tree is a starter pack that lets you to grow a tree from a seed in a bag. The idea is to grow a tree from a seed to plant in a community area and to come back 20 years later for a hug and a hello. I’m going to grow a tree in a bag and plant it for Holly’s first birthday in the garden of our new house so Holly and the tree can grow up together!
  • Shoe tester – Some shoes are not suitable to wear on different surfaces. For example, bright red patent leather high heels are very difficult to walk in on cobblestone roads. This I only know from experience. If I had the job of trying out different shoes on different surfaces, I would be able to pass on more of these impressive tips.

If anyone knows of anyone looking to fill such positions, I am NOT interested as I’m very happy in my current job. However, I would like to know if any of these positions actually exist. I’m just asking for friend. Also, we found some real women doing real jobs in the great outdoors: a game ranger, a fauna ecology scientist and a fire ecologist. Read about them in our June issue now.

Great outdoors