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Angel of mine

It’s the last day of holidays after Christmas. Its been two and a half mostly wonderful weeks of family time together. And, while it’s been absolutely exhausting, I’ve loved it!

I used to love Christmas: I loved getting and giving gifts. I loved the lunch on Christmas day with the whole family. I loved the rush to buy the perfect gift. I loved the Christmas carols from October. I loved everything about it. I didn’t know it would only get more fun once we had a child.


Christmas and the holidays are now about Holly and how much she enjoys herself. It’s all about watching her swimming with her dad, jumping on the trampoline, climbing on jungle gyms, eating ‘icy cream’ and ‘water-the-melon’. And then passing out at the end of a busy, exhausting day.

Today I’m sitting in a tea garden watching my beautiful, smart, strong and courageous little girl climbing, jumping, laughing and running. And there are secret tears hiding behind my sunglasses. I’m not sad, really… just reflective.

Holly starts play school in just over a week. And I’m petrified for her. Who’s going to protect her from the boys who are too rough and push her down? Who’s going to protect her from her own unsure little legs as she climbs high up in the air? Who’s going to protect her from the little girls who tease and taunt?

I know I can’t be there to do all of this all of the time. I know the best thing I can do is love her unconditionally and help her to become independent, strong and resourceful. But any parent’s first instinct is to protect their child with the fervour of a rabid dog.

When Holly starts school, she’s going to have the best time! She’ll play like it’s a holiday every day. Shell make new friends. And she’ll meet new children who may not be so friendly, but she’ll learn to cope with those difficult situations too.


So as I sit watching my baby play on the last day of the holidays, reflecting on how much she’s grown in two and and a half years, I realise that we’ve reached a major milestone in her development. And in my journey as a mother.


Activities for toddlers


Toddler development activities

Toddler fun in the sun

Every day I notice how much Holly has developed: she uses new words, strings more words together, surprises us by coming up with the cutest and strangest ideas, and has so much fun doing activities for toddlers. The other day Holly went galloping outside when she heard my mom’s car pulling into the driveway. Mister, scared that she’d run in front of the car, shouted for her to stop. She came back whimpering and looking sorry for herself, so we explained that we’d got a fright and didn’t want her to get hurt. For the rest of the day, at every opportunity (a loud advert on TV, a dark barking, the extractor fan on the stove) Holly would tell us, earnestly, ‘Holly got a fright…’ In the cutest, high-pitched voice…

This reminder, of her out-of-control development, spurred me on to put in that little bit of super-mom extra effort that we all have, and make some new activities for her to do with her nanny. So, if you’ve been following my blog, here’s the next batch. If you haven’t, check out my previous post with activities for toddlers.

Fruit matching

Fun tddler activities

Fruit match

This is a simple activity that helps toddlers learn:

  • the names of different fruit
  • different colours 
  • matching like objects
    All you need are two pictures each of about six different fruit (printed out or cut from a magazine), some glue, a piece of cardboard and a pair of scissors.

    Cut the pics of fruit out and glue them to your board to lend some strength to the pictures. Then cut out around the pics so you have 12 individual fruit pics.

    Now your little one needs to match the different fruits together.

    Texture sorting

    Texture sorting

    Texture sorting

    I love this activity – we learnt it at TOPTOTS. Toddlers sort different textures into different containers.

    Get yourself six little containers, six food items with different textures ( sugar, cereal, oats, coffee, tea, couscous, maize meal, sesame seeds, flour) – anything you have in  your pantry will work. Get a kids’ painting tray or any container with different compartments (an ice tray could work), and a spoon.

    Get your little one to take a spoonful of one of the foods and place it into one of the compartments. Then ask her to do the same with a different food putting it in another section. Your toddler should do this for all the foods until each is in a separate compartment.

    Tell her what the different foods are, let her feel them and describe the texture for her. This is great for:

  • sensory development
  • learning different textures
  • learning the names of different food
    Torn paper picture
Fun toddler activities

Torn-paper picture

This is another cool activity we did at TOPTOTS. It’s great for:

  • practising fine motor skills
  • developing their pincer grip
  • learning about different colours


    You need a plain white or light-coloured piece of cardboard to stick paper onto, a glue stick, and about four or five different coloured pieces of paper or tissue paper, torn into small pieces (about 3-4cm).

    Cover your cardboard in glue and get your sweetheart child to stick pieces of coloured paper all over. They need to pick up the pieces off a tray or the floor and press them down so they stick.

These are simple activities you can prepare at home for your toddler to do. They don’t need a lot of time to put together, we’re all busy moms – ain’t no one got time for that – and they don’t cost anything or a lot at all. Just use things you’ve go around the house – improvise. And enjoy!